3 Day Refresh is done!!

Hello friends!  I hope you all had a good Monday.  The weather was beautiful in my neck of the woods.  I am sitting outside on my deck as we speak.  I am listening to the sweet sound of my neighbor sawing the crap out of some wood.  So relaxing lol.

  So I am done with the 3 Day Refresh and I got to say that day three was the hardest.  I did loose 7 pounds so that’s cool.  I started at 247 and I am down to 240!  The shakes and food were not bad at all.  I had a problem on Sunday with being super hungry!  I have a pretty physical job and I think it just wasn’t enough calories to keep me going.  I had no energy during my work day.  I came home and crashed on the couch.  I felt better after I had my dinner shake and meal.  

  Over all I did like the Refresh and I would do it again if I needed a push through a plateau.  It definitely was a challenge.  Getting good results helped me today make good choices.  I felt great when I woke up this morning!  

 Today was day one of Shaun T week on Beach body on demand!  The name of the workout was Insane Focus.  It was intense at times.  John did it with me which was nice that I wasn’t the only one sweating like crazy.  It was nice because the moves were not complicated and it started slow and worked up to being more difficult.  I am really looking forward to seeing what tomorrow’s workout has in store for us.  

  Well that’s about all I got for today.  I’ll talk to you all later!  Have a good night and an awesome week!  


3 Day Refresh: Days 1 and 2

Good Morning!  The sun is shining this morning and today is the last day of the 3 Day Refresh.  Let’s talk a bit about how the first two days went!

Day One:  So I started this weighing 247.  I planned out all my meals so that it would be easier to get through.  For breakfast I had a vanilla shakeology with half a banana.  Around 10:00 I drank the fiber sweep packet.  The fiber sweep doesn’t necessarily taste bad, the taste is a bit lemony.  It’s the texture.  I had to drink it fast because it starts to turn in to goo.  I was the consistency of cream of wheat.  Lunch was the vanilla fresh packet mixed with some water, cherries and some spinach with a bit of olive oil and apple cider vinegar.  The vanilla fresh is ok.  Kind of gritty.  Around 3:00 I ate my snack which was baby carrots with some hummus.  Dinner was another vanilla fresh packet and a dinner option from the book that comes in the box of all the packets.  For the dinner option I made three servings of the cucumber tomato salad.  It was really good!  I also drank a gallon of water.  So it was a bit tough getting from breakfast to lunch with only the fiber sweep in between.  I was pretty hungry once I was able to eat lunch.  After I ate lunch the rest of the day went fine.  The biggest challenge was hanging out with friends later that night but I didn’t give in and just drank water.

Day Two:  I woke up feeling really good.  I weighed myself and I was down to 243.5.  I felt less bloated.  Food was all the same as the day before and as before it was a bit tough to get from breakfast to lunch but I toughed it out.  Over all it hasn’t been too bad.  Am I glad today is the last day? Yes!  I do feel great, and it has been nice to not have food be the main focus of my day.  It really helped that I had to work all three days so that kept me busy.

So far so good! Day three here I come!  Well, I will be back tomorrow with a wrap up and final results.  Until then I hope you have a happy Sunday!


Guess who’s back, back again…

  I’m going to be honest.  The song Without Me by Eminem was totally going through my head while I was thinking of the title for this post.  Now it’s in your head too!  Your welcome.  Well now that that is out of the way, how the hell are you?  It’s been a while. I have wanted to stop by here so many times over the past few months but I just really didn’t have anything to say.  Well nothing positive anyway.  You see I had given up on the whole weight loss thing for a while.  I have put back on some of the weight that I had lost, which at first wasnt’ really that big a deal, until I bought a bigger size of jeans.  Those jeans are now a bit snug!  I really felt like a failure.  I want to be a good role model for Lilly.  I want to show her what it means to be healthy and take good care of yourself.  So I’m back baby! 

  I decided I need a refresh.  So I decided to give the Beach Body products a try.  Tomorrow I am going to start the 3 Day Refresh!  Three days of shakes, fruits, veggies, and healthy fats.  

  I have even planned out what I am going to be eating for every meal for the next three days.  I also prepped the crap out of it and all my meals are in containers and ready to go.  To make it easier on myself I am having the same meals all three days.  I just made three of everything.  

  My goal for the next three days is to reset my eating habits and get back on track loosing weight.  I’m going to keep you updated on how each day goes.  Tonight I am going to take my measurements and before pictures.  After the 3 Day Refresh I am going to do the new Shaun T workouts and use the portion fix containers to get potions back under control.  You all now that I LOVE Shaun T so I’m excited to workout with him on Beach Body on demand. 

  I have a good feeling about this.  It helps that my friend Amanda is a Beach Body Coach and has a Facebook group full of ladies doing the Refresh all together so I am not alone! That really helps going into something new with lots of people who have your back!  My friends and family are awesome at giving me support. 

  Ok I am going to get out of here.  I will be back on Saturday with a recap of how day 1 went.  Wish me luck!  

Happy New Year!

Hello there!  I know it has been a while.  I figured that it is a new year and my jeans are getting a bit snug so it’s time to buckle down.  I had a great holiday season filled with delicious food and drink.  Now it has caught up to me and my clothes are feeling a bit constricting.  I almost bought a bigger pair of jeans the other day, but I thought better of it and decided that bigger jeans are not the answer.  I have come to far to give up and buy bigger pants!

I didn’t weigh myself this morning because I wanted my main focus this week to be on reestablishing healthy habits. Moving more, eating more veggies and fruit, and eating whole real food.  I have been hitting the drive thru and giving in to my sweet tooth too often.  I am also trying to track what I eat.  As you all know I HATE tracking, but I know that it works.  I’m not tracking calories just what I put in my mouth.  That is why I like eating paleo.  I don’t really have to worry about calories because the bulk of my diet is real unprocessed food. You can’t go wrong with eating a lot of veggies! I am also trying to limit the amount of sugar that I eat.  This is the toughest part!

I have to say that today was a tough day.  I did really well over all but I was craving everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!  While I was getting groceries I had to talk myself down from getting a pizza for lunch.  On the drive home I wanted to stop at McDonald’s and get a big mac.  I didn’t.  I drove home and had a big salad with chicken and guacamole on top.  I know that as the days go by it will get easier, but holy crap it sucks to have to yell at yourself in the car because you want to eat all the fast food knowing that it will make you feel bad but you want it anyway.  Other drivers must think I am nuts with the amount of talking to myself that I do in the car! Oh, well it helps keep me sane.

I decided that I want to get back into working out with kettle bells.  I did a Jillian Michaels kettle bell workout today and I loved it! I have talked before about how much I love Jillian.  It’s called Shred it with weights.  I had done it once before and I think that this time I was a little better at some of the moves than I was last time.  Especially the Turkish get ups.  If you don’t know what that is Google it!  They are no joke!  I can do one with a 10 pound kettle bell and then the rest I have to do with no weight.  This time my form was much better.  Eventually I will be able to do them all with weight.  My legs are still a bit wobbly from the squats.  It was a really good full body workout.  I am going to keep doing this one.

OK folks, my green tea is gone and I am going to go curl up on my couch and read a book.  I just finished the newest Anne Rice book Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis.  Have you read it?  Let me know what you thought of it.  I liked it a lot.  It was an interesting turn in the Vampire Chronicles. I am going to say good night and we will chat again soon.  Have a great week!

Girl talk

Good evening friends!  I hope everyone is having a great week.  The weekend is almost upon us.  The weather in my little neck of the woods has been beautiful the last few days.  It has been sunny and in the 70’s.  Just perfect!  My week has been going well.  I have been sticking to my workouts and my eating has been really good.  I am a fan of the 80/20 rule, especially when you have a boss how likes to bring in cookies on occasion.  I have one or two and then just make sure I’m on lock down the rest of the day lol.  So far so good.  I feel great.  I really missed using weights in my workouts.  My muscles have been sore the last 3 days! It feels so good.  Every time I move and I feel the ache the song “Hurt so Good” by John Mellencamp plays in my head.  I know…I’m a bit strange.

Tonight Lilly and I went for a moonlight walk together.  We had a ball.  We were pretending we were ninjas and trying not to step on crunchy leaves that made a bunch of noise.  I have been trying to get her more involved in my journey to better health.  She is 10 and I want to encourage being healthy and taking good care of our bodies, because we all know what is just around the corner.  Puberty!  I’m not ready for that.  I am always really careful when I talk to her about my weight.  I always emphasize that it is not healthy for me to weigh what I do.  I don’t want her to get the impression that I am not happy with how I look.  I love my self no matter what size I am and that is something I always try to stress to her.  It’s about being healthy.  Girls today are under enough pressure as it is I don’t want to add to it.  I already scarred her a bit last year with my candid and honest talk of periods and puberty.  She got over it.  She will thank me later.  If I can steer her down the path of health and self-love then I have done my job.  I can tell you from experience that it is hard trying to undo years of self neglect and negative self talk.

On Monday I talked a bit about tracking healthy habits and that is going really well.  I set up a tracker in my journal and check off the boxes as I accomplish the behavior.  I must say I am liking this.  I sometimes have a hard time remembering to do things like wash my face before bed.  I was always going to bed with my makeup on which is really bad for your skin.  I think it is just years of not giving a shit what happened to myself.  I just didn’t care what went into my body or what happened to it.  That goes back to the depression.  When I was really depressed that was all there was.  I was lucky to be able to get out of bed and go to work.  Washing my face and eating right were not high on my list of things to do, but I’m am now fully here and taking care of business.

Well I think I’m going to go and read my book.  I started reading Doctor Sleep by Stephen King.  It is a sequel to The Shining.  So far it is really good.  I hope you all have a great weekend and I will be back on Monday with my weekly weigh in.  Nighty night!

Weekly weigh in!

Hello friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Mine was pretty good.  I worked and Lilly had a sleep over with her best friends.  I love listening to the girls interacting with each other!  They had a great time.  I had a great time too.  Let’s say I had a great time with the sleepover food.  There was pizza and doughnuts.  I pretty much undid all the good I worked toward during the week.  So when I stepped on the scale this morning it was the same as it was last Monday.  232 pounds.  On the bright side it could have been worse.  I did really well Monday thru Friday.  Saturday and Sunday not so much.  Well today is a new day and so we are moving on!

I have been thinking a lot about different strategies to stay focused and on track.  I have been writing down what I eat in my journal and planning my workouts.  That is helping. I am also tracking habits that I want to make stick. Then I was thinking to myself that I always do really well on day one or the first day of the week after I weighed in.  Day one of any challenge is usually pretty good right?  You are pumped.  You really want to do well.  It is the mindset that you are in.  As the days go on it gets harder and your outlook starts to change a bit.  I decided that I am going to try to make everyday “Day One”.  I want to stay in the “I got this” mindset.  I am not going to let myself get in the way.  I am notorious for starting a challenge and not sticking with it.  I give up too easily.  Let’s change the thinking.  Let’s make everyday Day One.

Today I was a working out beast!  I did 40 minuets of cardio and a total body workout from Tone it up.  I chose a Cize video for my cardio.  It was fun!  I like the dancing type of cardio over a treadmill or a stationary bike.  It is just more engaging and I just concentrate on what I am doing I don’t think about anything else that’s going on.  The total body video used weights.  It felt so good!  I really like using weight in my workouts.  I didn’t go too heavy today.  I stuck to 5 pound dumbbells.  It was just right.  Tomorrow 30 minuets of cardio and Bringing Sexy Back video!  Should be fun!

Along with tracking healthy habits in my journal.  I have been trying to incorporate other activities for a healthy mind.  Such as reading and writing.  I love to do both so I am trying to carve out time in my day do do both.  I am aiming for at least 10 minutes of writing time and 20 minutes of reading time.  It isn’t just about eating better and working out.  We also have to take care of our selves by making time for things that make us happy.  Writing makes me happy, so does a great book.  When I am happy I am a better mom and wife.  I used to think that putting myself first was a selfish thing but I am slowly realizing that it is not.  When I take good care of myself then I am able to take care of others.  I do forget this from time to time and need to be reminded.  Some day I will learn ;-).

OK friends I am going to go cuddle up with a good book.  I am thinking that since it is October I going to start a Stephen King book.  I like his books a lot.  I am going to bid you all a good night and I will be back on Thursday for another chat.  Have a great night!



It’s National coffee day!!

Happy national coffee day!  For those of you that have been around for a while you know that I LOVE coffee.  I mainly drink it black.  Sometimes I’ll jazz it up with a little coconut milk.  Then there are special days like today.  Today I am drinking a blueberry coffee with cream and sugar from Dunkin Donuts or The Double D as I like to call it.  I have been trying to stay away from sugar altogether lately but today is special.  Plus I walked to my local DD to get it so there and back was almost 2 miles.  I earned it.

Over all things are going really great in my neck of the woods.  My eating had been going really good.  I am continuing to fill up on lots of veggies and then my protein source.  I have been eating an apple everyday as a snack.  Apples always remind me of my Grandma.  She always had apples on her back porch and I remember going back there to get one to snack on while we played in the back yard.  Good times. Last night for dinner we made pizzas on portabella mushrooms.  It was super yummy!

Working out has been going OK.  I’m not really stressing it.  My allergies have been really bothering me so I have just been listening to my body and working out when I feel good and resting when I don’t.  Going for a walk today felt really good.  The air is a little damp and chilly.  It feels good to be back in my house sipping my hot coffee.  It is very cozy!  I love the colder weather.

As I mentioned last week I started listening to Sean T’s podcast Trust and Believe.  Holy motivational Batman! I have listened to the first 2 episodes so far and I really like it.  I will definitely keep listening.  The last episode I listened to was all about being your own barrier.  UMM yeah that’s me!  That has been my biggest struggle in this whole loosing weight journey.  I keep getting in my way.  Either by getting into my head with the negative talk or talking myself into giving up.  I found his advice really helpful.  I really recommend this podcast for anyone looking for a bit of motivation to keep going with whatever it is that you are doing.

OK folks I have to go.  Don’t fret!  I will be back on Monday with a weekly weigh in.  Until then have a great rest of the week and an awesome weekend!